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32                               FLORA INDFCA.
and development of resinous qualities. Thus the wood of
the English-grown Lchanon Cedars difTcn* greatly in colour,
hardness, and odour; and the SWISH Larch and Scotch Piur,
when planted in England, yield very inferior timber compared
to what they do in their native forests. The wood of the
English Oak grown at the Cape of Good Hope is \\orlhit>H?
as is that of the American Locust-tree, and indeed of most
American timber-trees, in England. The varieties of Oak*
wood in our own climate are no less notoriously different;
and the endless discussions that have arisen as to tho relative
properties of timber-trees, and the s{x>eific diil'erenoes between
the plants that produce them, may to a groat extent all \w
traced to the same caiiae.
"With regard to the development of medicinal properties
they vary extremely in the same species. Of this the most
conspicuous Indian examples, are presented hy the Opium
Poppy, Mudar (('ft/ofropw), and the Cainwbw »vr///iv/, the com-
mon Hc/np of England, which yields Hlmng and Chirris in
varying quantities, and of different quality, very much in pro-
portion to the humidity of the soil and climate it grows in.
The Diyttalin grown in, the Himalaya is said to have proved
almost inert, and so with other plants which hate \wn cul-
tivated for medical and economic purposes, its the Tea and
many English fruits and vegetables.
We have reserved hahit OH the lust point to which we shall
allude in comiection with this subject, though \vc Mirvr it
to he of all others the most deceptive, a* w<lieftiu»# H|tf*cifict
difference. Habit is a thing which every ow tliiuk** hr ;ip-
prcciatc*, but which no two persons similarly appreciate ; caeh
individuars conception of it depending on hitf own knowl<'<l^<*
and CKjKiriettCC, usually on first impression*, and often OH pre-
conceived ideas* which become dominant. Likes all other mjrue
terms, it io'.nscd with an much confidence by a pinlctirr to
* Wo clo not Itcro allude to tluv (liObmtw M wtxui ^«wn»w* /Ww#/*i»/«/n. ni»«l
hut to that* MWIVII Uw woixi'of thr H»IIH» »|«i-n H w *«rHl>, «•»
indifferent Himul<n,